Gravity & Grace - Kinetic Sculpture

This is a new series of large outdoor kinetic sculptures I am working on, they rely on the wind for movement and will ultimately be 10 - 15m tall. This film shows the design stage and I am currently working on maquettes before moving onto the large piece.

In this series of sculptures I have been exploring movement and the purity of the abstract form. At rest, the sculptures are elegant; they are a delicate exploration of the beauty of pure abstraction. Yet the unseen forces of nature can change that order to a series of random and unpredictable movements. Fluctuating air currents will move the elements of the sculptures in an infinite number of erratic ways that appear to defy logic, gravity and the laws of physics. They immerse the viewer as he attempts to impose logic and order to the unpredictable pattern of

movement, much as we try and impose order and logic to the random nature of our lives. They reflect the human condition, which is why we relate to them.

    Simon Gudgeon Sculpture